Paediatric Acoustics

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Paediatric Acoustics

Hörmeister Hörakustik has been committed for years to the early detection of childhood hearing disorders.

We offer free hearing tests as well as a detailed consultation in our Greiz branch. Hearing aid fittings from infancy and hearing tests with conditioned play audiometry from infancy are carried out here.

As hearing aids for children, most manufacturers offer behind-the-ear miniature hearing systems, due to the growth of the ear. We offer child hearing aids from all leading manufacturers.

We attach great importance to the following criteria for the fittings:

  • most modern technology
  • small design
  • high stability and usability
  • easy to use
  • connection possibilities for any technical aids (e.g. FM systems)
  • battery compartment fuses
  • attractive design and a variety of colours

For each hearing aid we make an individual ear mould for each patient. This has to be renewed every few weeks depending on the growth and developmental stage of the child. There are also many possibilities regarding material, size, colour and extras such as rhinestones, glitter and pictures.

A sufficient speech understanding with hearing aids is also not given in many situations, e.g:

  • when the speaker is several meters away in the school
  • the person speaking is walking back and forth in the room with his or her back to the child
  • if it gets too loud

However, an FM system could help here. This consists of a transmitter that the speaker wears on his body and two receivers that are connected to the child's hearing aids via the audio input. The voice is then transmitted via radio directly to the child's hearing aids and is therefore easy to understand.

Visit our branch in Greiz. We will advise you in detail!